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State of the Blog Address part 2

It’s absolutely, totally, and completely my fault this time.  After Sweden, I had visitors from Missouri, I went to Missouri, and then moved out of the same house as my dear sister.  It made for a difficult time.  So, thanks for your patience and I just sent an e-mail to my sister about the book we read for the blog a year ago.  Hopefully, we’ll remember enough to do it justice.

My most profuse apologies.

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State of the Blog Address

Sorry about the long, long, long delay between posts. It was entirely my fault; you may berate me at will.

Our goal is to get up one book per month from here on out, though that might not quite work for July, since we are about to embark on a family vacation of a lifetime. We’re going to Sweden, and we could not be more excited!

Thanks for sticking with us.  We (read: I) will be better in the future!


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*taps microphone* …Hello?

Hi, I’m Annalisa, and I’m a bookaholic.

Hi Annalisa.

As my sister has far more eloquently described, we are a family of readers.  Some of my fondest memories of our camping trips to Yellowstone are of Mom and Dad reading us stories both in the car and at the campfire before bed.  I was that kid that was always begging to go to the library all summer, whose reward for doing her chores was getting her book back.  In a phonology class in college, we got to talking about how we knew what some words meant, but not how to pronounce them correctly, which our professor promptly told us meant “you have more book friends than real friends.”  This was not at all an inaccurate assessment.

Now that you have my “qualifications” for making judgments about books, I suppose I should explain why we’re doing this.  Primarily, this is a way we can share our passion for books with other people and each other.  We’ve spent hours discussing books before, so it seemed a natural extension to write about them in a way where we could feed off of each other and get others involved too.  We’re so excited about this that we’ve already made a list of books that we want to read (see here), and it’s fairly eclectic.  Most are novels that one of us has read while the other hasn’t had the chance, but we have some that neither of us has read (usually from an author that we both enjoy), and some are books we’ve read so many times that we lost count years ago.  Hopefully there will be something there that you enjoy, in addition to reading us flail excitedly over them.

You’ll notice that Joie and I have very different writing styles.  I can guarantee that those differences will also show up in which books we like and dislike, so if you happen to see smoke billowing from the Colorado Springs area, don’t worry; it’s probably just us having a chat about why the other one is being absurd.

Thanks for reading; we hope that you’ll stick with us while we’re getting this up and running!


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Where else would we want to be lost?

Early every May for the past three years, my dad arrived outside my dorm with an empty car.  Together we would fill it with all my things that had been so carefully packed into a limited amount of boxes and suitcases at the beginning of the school year, but had somehow managed to multiply over those short nine months into a floor-to-ceiling carload.  Inevitably, my dad would pick up the heaviest box and groan these words: “I taught my daughter to be a reader,” before he took a deep breath to somehow give him the extra umph it would take to get that particular box down to the car.  Even when I spread my books between two boxes and padded them with sheets, the result was the same.  I just could not survive college without a decent selection of books from my personal library, a selection I managed to keep under twenty items until the semester I wrote my thesis (then it exploded).  Even so, these few books could be a great burden.

Thankfully, my dad understood. Even better, I was not the only one of his children he taught to be a reader, so I’ve always had companions to come home to, long before these past three years.  All of us have been given this great gift, through no small effort from both Dad and Mom.  Ultimately, this is where Sisters Lost in a Library comes to life: in the efforts of my parents.  They taught me to love reading.  They taught me that the love of reading can be taught–a beautiful truth, indeed.  They taught me what it is to share a book with others, and the joy it brings.  I am thrilled to be writing a blog with my sister about books: books we love, books we know, books we’re not so sure about, books we’ve not yet read.  As if she wasn’t the coolest sister already, we do these sorts of things together, too!

Abraham Lincoln once said, “My best friend is a person who gives me a book I have never read.”  While this statement is true in some degree, I think it would be more true if it went something like this, “My best friend is the person who discovers the unread book with me.”  I’m looking forward to that immensely.  Even books we’ve read take on a different light when we’re reading them “together.”

Book reviews will come soon.  We have to decide on a book first.  Any suggestions?  Until then, I say goodbye and happy reading!  Annalisa will be along in the near future.



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