About the Sisters

The Sisters

We’re going Seussian!

Sister One:  Annalisa gets number one status by right of age.  She’s old . . . okay, not old.  Just older.  She’s a linguist by trade and temperament, which results in many digressions about words during otherwise normal conversations.  No college has seen fit to recognize her talents obsession as of yet, however, due to Crohn’s holding her intestines hostage.

Sister Two:  Joie is–as you may have suspected after she hijacked the earlier bio–two years younger as well as being the second sister.  She recently graduated with a BA in English with an all-important minor in Classics.  This gives her the right to rant about everything literary, since everything important stems from the Greeks and/or Romans (seriously, you’ll see!).

Recurring Characters (Hey!  Stop stealing my computer!!!!)

  • The younger, but by no means little, brothers: the elder (Monkey), the younger (Moose)
  • The parentals: our mother (Mom), our father (Dad)

The Concept

To give you an idea of what to expect, we’re grouping our reviews into three types: individual reviews, review and rebuttal, and discussion.  The first type, we each review the book without peeking at the other’s opinions.  The second, only one of the sisters gets that luxury; the other gets to rebut.  The final, we’ll write the blog together like an email chain or chat.  We won’t be cycling through these methods, we’ll choose to apply whichever method according to the book’s content (though there may not even be that much Rhyme and Reason in the Kingdom of Wisdom).  We encourage beg for suggestions.  Books of any type, we’re game (we may not get to them on here).  We like books.

Caveat Lector

By nature of the reviewing process, here there be spoilers.  We realize that most book reviews try to avoid giving too much away, but since we want to discuss about themes and motifs and all that literary jazz, there will inevitably be references to plot points and character development.  If you don’t want to be spoiled, we would love for you to read the book first then come back and tell us what you thought.  If you don’t mind the spoilers, come read, then go read the books!  😀


One response to “About the Sisters

  1. loveofonearmy

    June 3, 2010 at 2:37 pm

    dear merciful heavens…. if i see the smoke from here ill be calling 😉 this should be very amusing and feel free to give spoilers some of the books on your list i have no intrest in reading but like a good movie would love to know what happens 🙂


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